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I'm new to HTTPRequest and I'm trying to understand the concept.

My aim is to send data to my server desktop, save it in a certain folder, then choose the first 10 files in a folder and send data they contain back to the mobile device. Is it possible with HTTPRequest or do I need something else? I need a general guide.

I am building a custom leaderboard and I successfully store the required data in local user directory. I just need a way to send the data to my server and store them in separate folders as per level (Folder# = Level#). Folders will automatically sort the results in an ascending order, and I want to request the results stored in top 10 files (in each folder) back to my device to form a leaderboard.

What should I know to implement the above mentioned madness?

PS: Each file is named in the following way (example):


And it contains the following data:

Circuit: 15, Lap Time: 47.348, Player: Name Surname

15 means the race track number, so it should go to "folder 15".
47.348_sec is the lap time.
And the name is the Player input name.

The name of the file contains the details of the content so that they are automatically sorted inside the folder in an ascending order to later pick the top ten.

Godot version 3.2.3
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do you know any server side "web scripting language" like PHP or alike?
If not ... learn it ... its easy and you will need it.

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