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So I followed Game Endeavor's tutorial on YouTube and managed to create a save file, but I have one problem: They didn't cover how to link the directory to the actual game. Example script:

extends Sprite

const SAVE_DIR = "user://saves/"

var path = SAVE_DIR + "playerInfo.dat"

func _on_Save_pressed():
    var defaultData = {
    "player" : {
        "name" : "Bob",
        "race" : "Human",
        "gender" : "Male",
        "hairC" : "Brown",
        "hairS" : "Combed"
    "options" : {
        "master" : 50,
        "music" : 50,
        "sfx" : 50

    var dir = Directory.new()
    if !dir.dir_exists(SAVE_DIR):

    var file = File.new()
    var error = file.open_encrypted_with_pass(path, File.WRITE, "$3GAM$E_/SAvE!1")
    if error == OK:

What I want is for the data in defaultData to actually have an effect on the game. Help would be appreciated.

Godot version 3.3.2
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func load():
var file = File.new()
if file.file_exists(save_path):
    defaultData = file.get_var()

the order that you save is the order that you load

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That isn't what I asked. I asked how to implement the save/load function in the actual game. For instance, how does the save function detect the "health" of the player?

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