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This is largely a nitpick, but since I stick to typed GDScript it has been bugging me. A line of code such as this:
is marked as type-safe, as it should be. But breaking it with \ character:
marks the second line as not type-safe. Is there a reason for it? Or is it a bug?

One can reproduce this behavior by breaking any line, even a very simple one.

var foo := 10 + 10


var foo := 10 \
    + 10

Both result with the same, correct result, but the latter is incorrectly marked and does not provide editor hints.

Godot version 3.3
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Please properly copy and paste your code into your post so that other users can copy it and verify your claim.

Thank you, I have edited the question.

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This is indeed a bug/oversight, even if only a cosmetic one.

If it does not seem to have already been reported there, you can file it at https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues.

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This was already reported here, and will be fixed in Godot 4.0 thanks to the GDScript rewrite.

Thank you both kindly.

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