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For exemple i want to remove everything that is inside parentheses form a string.

var bad_string = "some_text  (text i want to remove) more_text ( remove )"

i would like to to something like this:

var good_string = bad_string.replace("(" + *anything* + ")", "")

the output it should be "sometext moretext"

Thank you in advance !

Godot version v3.3.stable.official
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Simple replacement:

String replace ( String what, String forwhat )

More advanced (regex):

String sub ( String subject, String replacement, bool all=false, int offset=0, int end=-1 )

Regex pattern for everywhing in between parentheses is (might need little tweak based on Godot engine) -> probably dont need 'g' flag which is as 'all' parameter:

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Thank you, this helped me!

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