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so im making the ball reset if it touches the collision in my pong game but its not working i did exactly the same code as specified in the video here is the link for it
https://youtu.be/kr1BoEbuveI and my code for resetting the ball :

extends Node

func onLeftbodyentered(body):
$Ball.position = Vector2(640,360)

func onRightbodyentered(body):
$Ball.position = Vector2(640,360)

Godot version i use the latest
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this might not be what you are looking for, however you should put:

func onLeftbodyentered(body):
    if body.is_in_group('ball')
        $Ball.position = Vector2(640,360)

and add the ball to the 'ball' group (in image)

putting ball node in group

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I think the problem might be that you are using apostrophes instead of quotation marks

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Nah, that shouldn't be a problem - gdscript is like python in that regard, as it treats double and single quotation marks the same way - as strings!

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