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I have a mob and a player in a 3d scene of a game and till now I am able to move the mob twards the player but unable to rotate it towards the player. please someone help me

Godot version v3.2.3-stable_win64
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Use the look_at method of your mob node.

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You can use the look_at() function:

look_at ( Vector3 target, Vector3 up )

For example, you could add the following code to your mob script:

func _physics_process(delta):
      look_at(player_reference.global_transform.origin, Vector3.UP)

Of course, this is not a perfect solution since it would also make the mob rotate up and down towards the player, so you might want to set a custom y value in the target Vector.

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by using $mesh.look_at(player.translation, Vector3.UP) it rotates in the opposite direction of player. Any way to fix it?

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