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Hi! I'm making a space invasion type of game, and in it i have an enemy spawner and a pause button/system. The pause system works, but it only pauses 2D physics and input events, which doesnt stop the enemies from spawning.
This is my spawner script:

func _ready():
var rand = RandomNumberGenerator.new()
var enemyalien = load("res://mobs/alienyellow.tscn")
var screen_size = get_viewport().get_visible_rect().size
var time = true
var tic = 1
for i in range(0, 100000):
    var alien = enemyalien.instance()
    var x = rand.randf_range(0+16, screen_size.x-16)
    var y = -39
    alien.position.x = x
    alien.position.y = y
    time = false
    yield(get_tree().create_timer(rand_range(1, 2)), "timeout")
    time = true

As you can see,it's in the " _ready(): " function

This is the pause button script:

func _input(event):
if Input.is_key_pressed(KEY_P):
    $Background.visible = !$Background.visible
    get_tree().paused = !get_tree().paused

My question is, when the P button is pressed,how can i stop the enemies from spawning as well? I hope that i gave enough information and that i explained the problem successfully!

Godot version Godot Engine v3.3.2.stable.official
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Did you try changing the pause mode for the node that has the spawning script to Inherit or Stop?

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Yeah,i just tried that on multiple spawners,and it didnt work on any of them.

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you could make a seperate function that does the spawning and put the function inside ready. then declare a variable under extends and call it ispaused = false then put a condition inside your spawn function that only runs while ispaused == false then on your input event modify is_paused = true

var is_paused = false

func _ready():

func spawn():
if is_paused == false:
your spawn method

func _input(event):
if Input.is_key_pressed(KEY_P):
enemy_spawn.is_paused = true
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something like that should work and i think you should be using event.iskeypressed over Input i feel that is doubling up on what you are doing i could be wrong there but either way if you are not calling event you should put an underscore in front of it _event

i think as well you can put

enemy_spawn.is_paused = not enemy.is_paused

and this should flip the condition so should work to unpause i believe but i haven't tested this

Well,my code is more organized after i tried this,it didnt work,but still,thank you for your answer.
I'll probably think of a completely new way to spawn the enemies.

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