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Hey there,

I am searching for a starting point for an isometric style game based on a tilemap or gridmap.
I discovered some tilemap tutorials but don't understand how to align the rootnode or grid to isometric.

Can someone give me a hint where to start?


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Ok I just realised there is a demo on this. I will check this out.

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Look in the demo folder, there's at least one isometric example in there. I don't know anything about isometric-ness besides that...

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Hey there,

I found that just after asking :) :(.
There is also the game Tanks of Freedom.

Which adds much more features. For example animated Tiles and more...


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If you create a tilemap, the very first option in the inspector menu (the one on the right side of the window) lets you choose between Square, Isometric or Custom tiles.

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yes thats it. Great!

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