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I want to make a ,,sleeping system" (I don't know how to name it). It would work like this:

  • If player won't go to bed before 12 AM he will pass out and label informing about this will appear.
  • If player go to sleep before 12 AM he will sleep normally and any label won't appear.

I had the idea that it could be done using signals like this:

  • Player click the button that is responsible for going to sleep before 12 AM. Signal which confirms that player went to sleep is emitted so label won't appear.

  • Player does not click the button so he pass out at 12 AM and label informing about it appears beacous signal isn't emitted.

So that's how I imagined it but there's one problem. I don't know how to make something that will check is an signal emitted. I thinked maybe it would be an if, but I still don't know. So can someone tell how to do it or is it even possible? If it can't be done with signals, how can I do it differently? And also, I use Control scene. Not a Area2D scene or 3D.

Thanks by the way.

Godot version 3.3.2
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What you need is a variable to store whether the signal has been emitted or not. Booleans are a type that can only hold two values: true and false. So make a variable like has_slept and initialize it to false. Set it to true if the player clicks the button. Then check that variable when the game reaches 12 AM and act accordingly.

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Thank you do much!

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