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I have this class and I want to make a dictionary of it

class Building:

    # building type
    var type : int

    # building texture
    var iconTexture : Texture

    # resource the building produces
    var prodResource : int = 0
    var prodResourceAmount : int

    func _init (type, iconTexture, prodResource, prodResourceAmount):
        self.type = type
        self.iconTexture = iconTexture
        self.prodResource = prodResource
        self.prodResourceAmount = prodResourceAmount
    func _ready():
        var base = Building.new(0, preload("res://Base.png"), 0, 0)
        var mine = Building.new(1, preload("res://Mine.png"), 2, 1)
        var greenhouse = Building.new(2, preload("res://Greenhouse.png"), 1, 1)
        var solarpanel = Building.new(3, preload("res://SolarPanel.png"), 4, 1)

I had copied it from a tutorial and now I want to convert these four building's attribute into a dictionary. please tell how can i do it

Godot version v3.2.3-stable_win64
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Is it?

Dictionary syntax:

var _dict = {
    "keyName": value

For your example:

var _dict = {
    "type": null,
    "iconTexture": null,
    "prodResource ": 0,
    "prodResourceAmount": 0


_dict.type = object.type
# or
_dict.type = 10


Okay, I found other solution. You can dynamicully get class'es properties and set them in dictionary

var b = Building.new(...)
var _dict = {}
for i in b.get_property_list():
    if i.name != "Reference" and i.name != "script" and i.name != "Script Variables":
        _dict[i.name] = b[i.name]

Read more:

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Thanks! It is helpful but can you tell the reason of the if statement below for

This values returns with your properties (are they Godot's system?) and we should remove them from our dict.

Don't know. I just want to know the reason why we used that. I don't know what are they and why we used them

I answered here:

This values returns with your properties

Is it all what you want to know?

Got it!
Thanks :)

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