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I want to create an inspection system for my game, for example:
You walk up to a desk and press an input and a text box pops up, something simple like that. However, I have been trying all day to make it so my Area2D (seperate from my kinematicbody2D used for physics) can detect the exact scene/node it is colliding with. I have tried filtering names, and groups, I have followed almost every tutorial I can find, and scanned the docs for some sort of answer, yet frustratingly, absolutely nothing I try is working. So all I'm asking is how I can get it so that, if my area 2D is colliding with my door (Area2D), it will do something that won't happen when it's colliding with my a different Area2D and vice versa.

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Names and groups and even layers should work for this. Is there any code that you have for this?

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