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Here's the project folder

I'm sorry it isn't a zip folder, but there was this one file that didn't let my computer zip it.

So I'd just finished my latest project when I had the great idea of trying it on my phone. After watching this tutorial I was able to export it and try on my phone. But thing is, whenever I tried to run it, after showing the boot splash png, it would simply go blank and crash a few seconds later. I also tried it on an emulator and the same thing happened, albeit without crashing.

However, while trying random stuff I was able to run it when I clicked on the small deploy with network filesystem box under debug. (debug>small deploy with network filesystem)

I have absolutely no idea what is causing this, so I sent an older project through google drive (tell me if there are any problems, I'll send it by other means) which got the same error so someone could try and tell me if it worked. That way I'd know that the problem was not the project itself, but something with my phone, way I export to android, etc.

Anyway, when I export to android, here's the output (I changed default_env to defaultenv and also changed it in project settings>environment>default environment as it could be the underscore causing the crash, but to "no avail")

Godot Engine v3.3.2.stable.official - https://godotengine.org
OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: Radeon RX 590 Series
OpenGL ES Batching: ON

Editing project: C:/Users/vicen/OneDrive/Documentos/Godot/GodotProjects/GodotP3 
mobile (C:::Users::vicen::OneDrive::Documentos::Godot::GodotProjects::GodotP3 
Godot Engine v3.3.2.stable.official - https://godotengine.org
OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: Radeon RX 590 Series
OpenGL ES Batching: ON

ERROR: recognize: res://defaultenv.tres:1 - Parse Error:
   At: scene/resources/resource_format_text.cpp:1195
* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
* daemon started successfully
0 param: --xr_mode_regular
1 param: --use_depth_32
2 param: --use_immersive
ADDING: res/layout/notification_action.xml
ADDING: res/mipmap/icon_background.png
ADDING: res/drawable-xhdpi-v4/notification_bg_normal.9.png
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_icon_group.xml
ADDING: res/layout/downloading_expansion.xml
ADDING: kotlin/internal/internal.kotlin_builtins
ADDING: kotlin/reflect/reflect.kotlin_builtins
ADDING: res/drawable-xhdpi-v4/notification_bg_low_pressed.9.png
ADDING: res/drawable-mdpi-v4/notify_panel_notification_icon_bg.png
ADDING: lib/arm64-v8a/libgodot_android.so
ADDING: res/drawable/notification_bg_low.xml
ADDING: res/mipmap/icon_foreground.png
ADDING: res/layout-v16/notification_template_custom_big.xml
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_big_media_narrow_custom.xml
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_part_chronometer.xml
ADDING: res/drawable-mdpi-v4/notification_bg_normal_pressed.9.png
ADDING: resources.arsc
ADDING: kotlin/kotlin.kotlin_builtins
ADDING: kotlin/coroutines/coroutines.kotlin_builtins
ADDING: res/mipmap-xxhdpi-v4/icon.png
ADDING: AndroidManifest.xml
ADDING: res/mipmap/icon.png
ADDING: lib/arm64-v8a/libc++_shared.so
ADDING: res/mipmap-xxhdpi-v4/icon_foreground.png
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_big_media_custom.xml
ADDING: res/mipmap-hdpi-v4/icon_foreground.png
ADDING: res/drawable-xhdpi-v4/notify_panel_notification_icon_bg.png
ADDING: res/mipmap-xxxhdpi-v4/icon.png
ADDING: res/drawable-xhdpi-v4/notification_bg_low_normal.9.png
ADDING: res/layout-v21/notification_template_icon_group.xml
ADDING: res/drawable-nodpi-v4/splash_bg_color.png
ADDING: res/layout/status_bar_ongoing_event_progress_bar.xml
ADDING: res/layout/godot_app_layout.xml
ADDING: res/mipmap-mdpi-v4/icon_background.png
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_lines_media.xml
ADDING: res/drawable/notification_icon_background.xml
ADDING: res/layout/notification_media_cancel_action.xml
ADDING: kotlin/ranges/ranges.kotlin_builtins
ADDING: res/drawable-v21/notification_action_background.xml
ADDING: res/mipmap-mdpi-v4/icon_foreground.png
ADDING: res/drawable/notification_bg.xml
ADDING: res/mipmap-xhdpi-v4/icon_foreground.png
ADDING: lib/armeabi-v7a/libgodot_android.so
ADDING: res/drawable-nodpi-v4/splash.png
ADDING: res/mipmap-xxxhdpi-v4/icon_foreground.png
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_big_media.xml
ADDING: res/mipmap-xxxhdpi-v4/icon_background.png
ADDING: res/mipmap-hdpi-v4/icon_background.png
ADDING: res/layout-v21/notification_action_tombstone.xml
ADDING: res/drawable-mdpi-v4/notification_bg_low_normal.9.png
ADDING: res/drawable-mdpi-v4/notification_bg_low_pressed.9.png
ADDING: res/layout-v21/notification_action.xml
ADDING: res/mipmap-xhdpi-v4/icon_background.png
ADDING: res/mipmap-xxhdpi-v4/icon_background.png
ADDING: res/mipmap-hdpi-v4/icon.png
ADDING: res/drawable-hdpi-v4/notification_bg_normal_pressed.9.png
ADDING: kotlin/collections/collections.kotlin_builtins
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_part_time.xml
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_media_custom.xml
ADDING: res/drawable/splash_drawable.xml
ADDING: res/drawable-hdpi-v4/notify_panel_notification_icon_bg.png
ADDING: kotlin/annotation/annotation.kotlin_builtins
ADDING: res/layout/notification_media_action.xml
ADDING: res/drawable-mdpi-v4/notification_bg_normal.9.png
ADDING: res/mipmap-anydpi-v26/icon.xml
ADDING: res/drawable-xhdpi-v4/notification_bg_normal_pressed.9.png
ADDING: res/drawable/notification_tile_bg.xml
ADDING: res/drawable-hdpi-v4/notification_bg_low_normal.9.png
ADDING: res/mipmap-mdpi-v4/icon.png
ADDING: res/layout-v21/notification_template_custom_big.xml
ADDING: res/layout/notification_action_tombstone.xml
ADDING: lib/armeabi-v7a/libc++_shared.so
ADDING: res/mipmap-xhdpi-v4/icon.png
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_media.xml
ADDING: res/drawable-hdpi-v4/notification_bg_low_pressed.9.png
ADDING: res/layout/notification_template_big_media_narrow.xml
ADDING: classes.dex
ADDING: res/drawable-hdpi-v4/notification_bg_normal.9.png
ERROR: recognize: res://defaultenv.tres:1 - Parse Error:
   At: scene/resources/resource_format_text.cpp:1195
Uninstalling previous version: Samsung SM-J330F
Installing to device (please wait...): Samsung SM-J330F

Also, the one I sent by drive was using gles 3, but the exact same happens when using gles 2. And when I exported the actual project I wanted to export the errors with recognize res default whatever didn't appear.

And the weirdest thing is how when I tried to export my very very first godot project which only featured basic physics, it worked, though I couldn't move the character because I wasn't actually expecting it to work and I didn't have controls.

I really hope someone can help me with this, as I've been trying to get what was happening for hours.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my medium engrish.

Godot version 3.3.2
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