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I'm trying to make a hex tilemap game, and I want to paint each cell with different colors to show property of them. I know godot can not modulate single cell in tilemap so how to achieve it?
I came up with these two methods:
1. A shader drawing large amount of hex, it might be fastest but for now godot can not support uniform array for shader.
2. Create a lot of tiles for different colors in tileset, but it can not be so flexible and I'm worried about its performance.
I'm just a noob so could you tell me any better methods?

Godot version 3.3.2
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Godot can modulate single tile just go to Selected Tile in the inspector and set its modulate colourenter image description here

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Oh I mean modulate a specific cell of tilemap not tile of tileset.
For now Godot can not modulate a single cell of tilemap so I want to find some methods to achieve the same effect.

Sorry I misunderstood your question

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