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I already have a project doing this, but one side of the chunk is generated with inverted voxels. How to generate it correctly?

Godot version v3.3.2.stable.official
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I haven't looked at your project yet, but I had the same problem a while back, and the reversed faces have to do with triangle creation order. The simple fix would be to just give them a material with the culling mode set to disabled, the hard mode would be changing the vertex order for the triangles (assuming you are creating voxels that way).

This might help:

(Also, this is the link which I found back when I had the same problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/godot/comments/8nax5l/surfacetool_normals_pointers_for_a_newbie/)

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thanks, but I decided to go through the tutorial on the unity first, and then remake the game for a godot.

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