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I have a "walking" animation (from left to right).
This is a skeleton animation (with IK chain) in a KinematicBody2D.
How can I flip this KinematicBody2D (and every items inside) horizontally with gdscript?

I tried the set_scale(Vector2(-1,1)), but the result is a "moonwalking" character :)

Thank you!

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In my code I've resolved in this way:

var currentScaleX
var currentScaleY

func _ready():

       var currentScale = self.get_scale()
       currentScaleX = currentScale.x
       currentScaleY = currentScale.y

func _process(delta):

    if (  move_to_right ):
    elif ( move_to_left ):
        ( idle )


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Ahh you're right!
I used negative x in both directions... lol.

Sorry for the lame question, and thank you :)!

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i suggest putting sprites and possibly collisionshapes and rays into a sub node and flipping that subnode instead

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