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Hey :D

Does anyony know, why the AnimationPlayer of a sprite(Sprite1) can also handle another node (Sprite2), which is a sibling to Sprite1?

_ Root
_ _ Sprite1
_ _ _ AnimationPlayer
_ _ Sprite2

It seems, that I don't understand the concept of the AnimationPlayer.
I assume, that here in the docs lies the solution, but I don't understand it.
Could someone give other sources of explanation or break it down for me, please? :D

Godot version 3.2.1-stable_win64
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An AnimationPlayer node can animate almost any property of any node, regardless of the hierarchical position in the node tree. So adding an AnimationPlayer as a child of a Sprite node doesn't make any difference.

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Thanks :D
So I could technically let the root be the AnimationsPlayer?

Well, you can. A good practice is to add an AnimationPlayer node as a child of the root node and add the animated nodes as children of the AnimationPlayer to easily keep track of the animated nodes.

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