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Hi :)

I would like to make animated text and "windows" to see through one layer or rather to make one layer visible in the boundaries of that window.

A few examples:
- The game "The Other Side" by Blackthornprod (he uses some sort of shader)
- Cut Paper Text effect like in this video, just with the colors moving around
- The Twilight or Sunrise Swords in Guild Wars 2

A the moment I'm most interested in the Cut Paper Effect. I think it would make nice menu buttons.
Now, I just learned about shaders and have yet to figure them out, so I was wondering, if there are any other methods to achieve this effect.

I imagined one could make a bottom layer with the animation, the alpha-value set to 0, and a top layer with an area of some shape. Within the boundaries of this area the bottom layer would be allowed to turn up the alpha-values.
However, I don't know how applicable this would be.

I hope for your suggestions:D

Godot version 3.2.1-stable_win64
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