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I have a simple title screen menu scene where the user can select save files and confirm their choice to proceed to the game. Save files and confirmation choices (such as "Cancel" and "Ok") are represented by Labels. When navigating, the current selection is scaled to make it clear where the cursor is.

This works fine in both the File Select menu and Confirmation menu. However, I also need to scale the initial selection (before any navigation has occurred) so the player knows where the cursor starts. This works fine for the File Select menu, but not for the Confirmation menu, even though everything is being done with the same code.

I can't figure out why the initial selection doesn't get scaled for the Confirmation menu.

This comment says that labels which are children of container nodes cannot be scaled, and this linked answer seems to indicate that fonts can only be scaled in the editor. Both of these statements must be wrong as of the current version of Godot because the scaling is working for me, but these assertions worry me that the thing which is actually "going wrong" is all the scaling that is working for me, and the only expected behavior is the initial Confirmation selection which doesn't scale.

Can anyone shed light on this?

Here is the full demo of the issue on github.

Godot version v3.3.stable.official
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