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Before I post a feature request, I wanted to check to see if I was overlooking something.

It doesn't seem like it's possible to manipulate a curve in the editor and keyframe it. The keyframing deals with swapping curves, so you can't get interpolation across the the points and the in/out handles.

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Even then I still prefer having actual nodes to automate.
If you modify the curve after animating it, there is a very high chance you will break the animation and have to remake it (because indexes can change), while a Node is named and can easily detect which point is the nearest and affect it when it moves.
Also, you see them without having to run the game :)

Thanks Zylann, as usual, you've been very helpful. ^_^

Those are two good ideas to experiment with.

Well, to see it playing with exported vars (on editor and path debug), making it a tool and update after setter is enough (won't update editor in-outs though).

And that thing that some nodes do, like VButtonArray, it adds something like an array to the inspector (with button/count) and everything there is accesible from animationplayer.

I wonder if something like that could be done with curves from plugin/tool, without making a module.
Maybe not exposing the real curve but an array (or dictionary?).

The button array thing probably relies on the property list (that works at a low level with _get(), _set() and _get_property_list() as far as I understand). I was able to hide existing properties by overriding that method. That's why I tried that first but I have no idea why it doesn't work for adding "fictive" properties.

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