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Firstly, much thanks for reading my post! So preferably, my game looks like this. There's a simple additive gradient creating the light and the rest of the light is subtracted from the scene:

However, seemingly at random (I can even restart my debugging process and it'll switch back and forth) it will render with this appearance:

enter image description here

Notice the strange metallic-looking effect on the wall tiles. This effect also appears on enemy nodes and bullet nodes. Any ideas as to why this may be occuring? Had this problem before the new update too.

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That's really strange. Did you added LightOccluders to the walls?

Strange indeed, maybe the blends+texture filters are affecting the display in some way.

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Hey guys! A member of our team solved this by using a canvas modulator to create the darkness. Strange fix but it worked! Thanks for the replies. :)

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