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I have a VR project with a Root Scene, a ARVROrigin node as a child and a ARVRController node as a child of it. The ARVROrigin node and ARVRController node scenes are copied directly from the Oculus VR Pluigin. I can see the controllers in the VR HMD and they move correctly.

In the script for the ARVRController I have printed the following methods to the Output window and they make sense:
- getcontrollername() ["Right Oculus Touch Controller"]
- getjoystickid ( ) [3]

However I cannot get the getjoystickaxis ( axis ) method to return a value when printed to the Output window.

What have I missed?

Godot version 3.2
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Have you tried other inputs, e.g. using Input.get_action_strength('some axis'), where 'some axis' is a defined axis for the Oculus joystick?

I think the controllers have to have id 1 for left, and id 2 for right. I'm not sure if that's a requirement, but that's how I always define them.

Are you sure you have added the scene to the tree?

Those are the only two things I can think of.

Tried this. Ive tried axis 0 through 9, no response.

Yes the controller node is a child of an ARVROrigin node which is in turn a child of a #d root scene,

My original assumption (I know assumptions are dangerous) was that since I could read the controller ID and the controller type from script, I should have been able to read the joystick values.

I am trying the OpenVR with some better success.

Speaking of assumptions, I am assuming you are on on Oculus Quest, though you only mention that you are on an Oculus. Are you on a Quest?

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