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So i've been searching on how to read text file in godot and when i try to use the code it printed out a strange text and then i realize that the file is rtf, so i'm searching on how rtf encoding works but i still don't know how to read the file(Rich Text Format) in godot.

I'm sorry because of my bad english.

BTW this is my code to open Rich Text Format file:

var f = File.new()
if f.file_exists("res://content.rtf"):
    f.open("res://content.rtf", File.READ)
    $content.bbcode_text = f.get_as_text()
Godot version v3.2.2
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Godot doesn't have a way to read RTF files by default. You'll have to write your own parser or just don't save your files as RTF.

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