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I use Godot via Steam and on Windows 10 everything is fine, but with the MacBook Pro Retina 2012 on OS X El Capitan there are some problems, e.g.
Overlapping UI
And if I want to have the game window centered
enter image description here
it opens exactly here
enter image description here
so I do believe, something is wrong with the window placement in general for me :).

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We can't see your linked images. Consider uploading them to Imgur or another image pasting service.

Thanks a ton, Timo! That was a bit embarrassing but very revealing, too :).

Is that on high or low DPI? (editor settings>Global>Hidpi mode)

It was on auto before. Now I tested both. The error is persistent. On LowDPI it looks like this.

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I gave up on the overlapping UI. It seems to be a rare problem.

The game window placement of course is possible to get fixed with a custom position. On my 15,4" something like (200, 110) did the trick.

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