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I keep getting this error message in the console log

scene/3d/navigation.cpp:144 - Condition "!nm.linked" is true.

when using the Navigation node in this example tscn

Gif of example tscn

After running for my project it logs 100 times
enter image description here

Maybe this is on my end or maybe already fixed in a future version?
I'm on 3.2.3 Stable through steam. Checked 3.2.4 Beta 4 still present... Wasn't able to find anyone else mentioning this.

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This was reported on GitHub already in #7732 and #23643.

It seems like this is fixed by the new navigation system in 4.0. If you can upload a minimal reproduction project on GitHub, you can comment on #23643 since ideally, this should still be fixed for 3.x.

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