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Here's a simple script to demonstrate the problem

    extends Node2D

var basePath = "D://Documents/Dropbox/MichaelsDocuments/GodotProjects/fileCopy"
var localPath = "saves"

func _ready():

func autoSave():
    var directory = Directory.new()
    var dirErr = directory.open(basePath)
    if dirErr != OK:
        printerr("Couldn't open directory " + basePath)
    dirErr = directory.change_dir(localPath)
    if dirErr != OK:
        printerr("Couldn't change directory to" + basePath + "/" + localPath)
    print("Current directory is " + directory.get_current_dir())
    var fName = "savefile.txt"
    if directory.file_exists(fName):
        print(fName + " does exist")
        # old backup automatically overwritten if it exists
        var backupName = "savefile-backup.txt"
        var reName = "savefile-renamed.txt" 
        print("Trying to copy " + fName + " to " + backupName)
        directory.copy(fName, backupName)
        print("Trying to rename " + fName + " to " + reName)

And here's the console output

Current directory is D:/Documents/Dropbox/MichaelsDocuments/GodotProjects/fileCopy/saves
savefile.txt does exist
Trying to copy savefile.txt to savefile-backup.txt
ERROR: copy: Failed to open savefile.txt
   At: core/os/dir_access.cpp:288
Trying to rename savefile.txt to savefile-renamed.txt

The copy fails but the rename command works. To me that says there is nothing wrong with my setup but there is a problem with the copy command, at least insofar as working with Access File system. After considerable trial and effort, I have adopted Access File system as being best for my purposes and am not willing to change it.

I'm using window 10 and Godot v3.2.1.stable.official

Godot version v3.2.1.stable.official
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No idea why it doesn't work, as the help states Both arguments should be paths to files, either relative or absolute for copy and rename.

If you do this: print(directory.copy(fName, backupName)) you get error 7, which is file not found.
It looks like it wants the full path.
This works for me:

var source = basePath + "/" + localPath + "/" + fName
var destination = basePath + "/" + localPath + "/" + backupName
directory.copy(source, destination)
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Thank-you. I should have thought of that. I'll use that as a workaround but it definitely looks like a bug.

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