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If I create a theme and apply it to a WindowDialog, I notice that the theme's panel style doesn't get used.

For a WindowDialog, I can set the "Panel" theme under "Custom Styles" to get the effect I want.

FileDialog, however, has no such Custom Styles, so I don't seem to be able to theme the panel's background color and such.

Am I missing something? Should this be considered a bug?

Thank you.

Godot version 3.2.4
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You basically answered your own question.

Create a new theme in the inspector
When the theme editor opens click Edit Theme then Add Class Items choose the Windows Dialog Type and Add All.

In the Inspector the style options for Window Dialog should become available so style as needed.

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Indeed, thanks. I wound up figuring out that I simply didn't understand how theming works. Could delete this question if it's useless.

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