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Hi all,

So far I can't seem to find a setting that allows it, but I know there's some clever types here so thought I'd risk asking.

Can a buttonArray be set to flat?

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You can do this by creating a theme and apply it to the 'buttonArray' so all the child buttons inherit the style set in the theme.

Take a look at http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/tutorials/2d/gui_skinning.html#creating-a-theme

  • Create a theme
  • Add Class items 'Button'
  • Change the 'Styles' to StyleBoxFlat
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Thank you very much. It seems like a workaround and it's not ideal but thank you for the answer. It can get me through at least. Much appreciated.

It is not a workaround, it is a fully intentional part of the UI design of Godot.
Creating custom themes is pretty nice imo.

You are correct of course, it's just not consistent seeing as the normal button can do this but the buttonarray can't. I put in a git request and they've resolved it now for the upcoming 3.0 build.

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