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I compiled Godot from source in Ubuntu 14.04 running as a Parallels Desktop VM hosted on Mac OS X El Capitan. The first build had errors. Based on advice at Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit: not compiled. xinerama not found.. x11 disabled. I installed

sudo apt-get install libxinerama1 libxinerama-dev

On the second build there were no build errors. When I executed the resulting binary (godot.x11.tools.64) there were these errors:

ERROR: initialize: Condition ' !glXCreateContextAttribsARB ' is true. returned: ERR_UNCONFIGURED
  At: platform/x11/context_gl_x11.cpp:88.
ERROR: initialize: Condition ' x11_window==0 ' is true.
   At: platform/x11/os_x11.cpp:304.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I found a reference to these at VirtualBox specific problem but I don't know how to translate the proposed solution to my situation in Parallels Desktop. Does someone know what I can do to handle this?

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