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Title Starter Kit City Builder
Description Starter Kit City Builder is a basic template for a 3D city builder in Godot 4.1.1.stable.official. Includes features like;

- Building and removing structures
- Smooth camera controls
- Dynamic MeshLibrary creation
- Saving/loading
- Sprites and 3D Models (CC0 licensed)


- W A S D: Move camera
- Right mouse button: Hold to rotate camera
- Left mouse button: Place building
- DEL: Remove building
- Spacebar: Rotate building
- Q / E: Toggle between buildings
- F1: Save
- F2: Load
Category Templates
License MIT
Repository Provider GitHub
Repository Url https://github.com/KenneyNL/Starter-Kit-City-Builder
Issues Url https://github.com/KenneyNL/Starter-Kit-City-Builder/issues
Godot version Godot 4.1
Version String 1.0.0
Download Commit d0cef6ce3be67f4d343f831100a090cf58a769a3 d0cef6ce3be67f4d343f831100a090cf58a769a3
Download Url (Computed) https://github.com/KenneyNL/Starter-Kit-City-Builder/archive/d0cef6ce3be67f4d343f831100a090cf58a769a3.zip https://github.com/KenneyNL/Starter-Kit-City-Builder/archive/d0cef6ce3be67f4d343f831100a090cf58a769a3.zip
Icon Url https://github.com/KenneyNL/Starter-Kit-City-Builder/blob/main/icon.png?raw=true