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Title Nakama Godot 3 client
Description The official open-source Godot client for Nakama server written in GDScript.

Nakama is an open-source server designed to power modern games and apps. Features include user accounts, chat, social, matchmaker, realtime multiplayer, and much more.

This client implements the full API and socket options with the server. It's written in GDScript to support Godot Engine 3.1+.

Full documentation is online - https://heroiclabs.com/docs
Category Scripts
License Apache-2.0
Repository Provider GitHub
Repository Url https://github.com/heroiclabs/nakama-godot
Issues Url https://github.com/heroiclabs/nakama-godot/issues
Godot version Godot 3.1
Version String 3.3.0
Download Commit 0acdfbded8fd53cb9e356d1213ffa44993d4de31 0e6eade75d7264434cc6242b7f43b5ea37309dad
Download Url (Computed) https://github.com/heroiclabs/nakama-godot/archive/0acdfbded8fd53cb9e356d1213ffa44993d4de31.zip https://github.com/heroiclabs/nakama-godot/archive/0e6eade75d7264434cc6242b7f43b5ea37309dad.zip
Icon Url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/heroiclabs/nakama-godot/master/.github/hl-small-logo.png