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Title OpenWeatherMap In Godot 4
Description Add real-time weather features to your Godot 4 projects with the OpenWeatherMap API. It`s easy to use – just follow the structured URL for API calls and get current weather info like temperature, humidity, and wind speed for free.

This is a project that shows you how to use the OpenWeatherMap API in Godot 4.If you want to create a weather app with a better UI design, you can watch this video: https://youtu.be/RvxLPOXMDXs

You can access the following data from this API response:

- Longitude
- Latitude

- Weather condition ID
- Weather condition group
- Weather condition description
- Weather icon ID

- Internal parameter
- Main Conditions:
- Temperature
- Feels like temperature
- Atmospheric pressure at sea level
- Humidity percentage
- Minimum temperature
- Maximum temperature
- Atmospheric pressure at sea level
- Atmospheric pressure at ground level

- Visibility in meters

- Wind speed
- Wind direction in degrees
- Wind gust

- Cloudiness percentage

- Rain volume for the last 1 hour where available
- Rain volume for the last 3 hours where available

- Snow volume for the last 1 hour where available
- Snow volume for the last 3 hours where available

- Time of data calculation in Unix, UTC

System Information:
- Internal parameter type
- Internal parameter ID
- Internal parameter message
- Country code
- Sunrise time in Unix, UTC
- Sunset time in Unix, UTC

- Shift in seconds from UTC

City Information:
- City ID
- City name

Internal Parameters
- Internal parameter code

for more information, visit this page: https://openweathermap.org/current

You can run this project in Godot 4.0, Godot 4.1, and Godot 4.2 as well.

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KingGD stands for King Game Developer.
Category Demos
License MIT
Repository Provider GitHub
Repository Url https://github.com/KingGD24/OpenWeatherMap_In_Godot_4
Issues Url https://github.com/KingGD24/OpenWeatherMap_In_Godot_4/issues
Godot version Godot 4.0
Version String 1.0
Download Commit e17bde77a3afb256fc7d0ef95e358b6572bff616
Download Url (Computed) https://github.com/KingGD24/OpenWeatherMap_In_Godot_4/archive/e17bde77a3afb256fc7d0ef95e358b6572bff616.zip
Icon Url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/KingGD24/OpenWeatherMap_In_Godot_4/main/Project/Icon.png