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Title YATI (Yet Another Tiled Importer) for Godot 4
Description This is an addon for the Godot Engine for importing files (.tmx, .tmj) created by the Tiled Map Editor (http://mapeditor.org).

Most if not all Tiled features are supported:
- all kinds of layers
- all kinds of objects
- all map orientations
- visibility, opacity, tint, offsets, probability
- tile flips & rotation, collisions, animations, custom data
- parallaxes
- templates
- custom properties

By setting class entry / custom properties on tiled objects the scene created by the importer can be largely customized.

INSTALLATION: Please don't use the 'Download' button below. This would download the entire GitHub project which most probably is not what you need.
Please press 'View files' which opens the project Readme and then download via the embedded links found in the Installation chapter.
Category 2D Tools
License MIT
Repository Provider GitHub
Repository Url https://github.com/Kiamo2/YATI
Issues Url https://github.com/Kiamo2/YATI/issues
Godot version Godot 4.2
Version String 1.6.7 1.6.6
Download Commit 0128e7c40ed577d19878d6754a3e8e9a6627956c d0eac6ee3f0016bd382512713c1368363b400aed
Download Url (Computed) https://github.com/Kiamo2/YATI/archive/0128e7c40ed577d19878d6754a3e8e9a6627956c.zip https://github.com/Kiamo2/YATI/archive/d0eac6ee3f0016bd382512713c1368363b400aed.zip
Icon Url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kiamo2/YATI/main/icon.png