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Scaffolder: Opinionated app scaffolding 0.7.0 2D Tools 3.4 Community

Submitted by user levi; MIT; 2021-12-26

NOTE: Consider this a pre-alpha release. This framework still has many rough edges, is still changing a lot, and is possibly a lot more inflexible than you would want (it makes a lot of assumptions about how you've structured your app).

This is an opinionated framework that provides a bunch of general-purpose application scaffolding and utility functionality for games in Godot.

Some features include:

- Configurable UI and camera scaling to adapt to the current viewport.
- Optional analytics based on the proprietary third-party Google Analytics service.
- Optional automatic crash log reporting based on the proprietary third-party Google Cloud Storage service.
- Screen layout and navigation.
- Lots of useful utility functions (e.g., Time, Geometry, DrawUtils, Audio).
- A widget library (e.g., AccordionPanel, LabeledControlList)

Probably the easiest way to get set up is to copy the Squirrel Away example app, and then adjust it to fit your needs (

See more details at

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