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gd-plug - Plugin Manager 0.2.6 Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user imjp94; MIT; 2024-04-07

Minimal plugin manager for Godot

This version is only compatible with Godot 4.x, check out godot3( branch for older version

Install with gd-plug-ui( to manage plugins in editor.

- Minimal
No dependencies other than Godot and git
- Self-contained
One script to run them all
- Zero learning curve
Config file written in GDScript
- Version freeze
Freeze plugins by branch, tag or commit
- Reduce remote repository size
Dependencies can now be installed with just a single-line shell command
- Clean uninstall
*.import files or import resources located in /.import that generated by plugin will be cleaned as plugin uninstalled
- Multi-threaded
Parallel download/installation

Fix download bug
Add help action

Completely fix stuck while executing commands
Support gd-plug-ui

Port to Godot 4.0

Fix inner class name conflict with other plugins & support for headless/server build

If gd-plug already installed, you may upgrade from command-line:
godot --no-window -s upgrade

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