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Submitted by user ACB_Gamez; MIT; 2021-05-05

Simple Class that creates a "particles_cycle_finished" signal to eliminate needing to add timers to all of your particle nodes. This is emitted when your particles' lifetime expires and accounts for preprocessing and randomness. Please report any bugs by opening an issue on GitHub.

Also adds a one_shot_start property that will tell the particle to emit only once when it is instanced. This is exactly the same as setting one_shot = true and then emitting = true in the _ready() function, but allows you to edit your particles node while emitting is true and without needing to add a script to accomplish this.

1. Create a Particles2D node (or use an existing one), add a script, change extends Particles2D to extends Particles2D_Plus.
2. Click the built-in "Create New Node" button (CMD+A) and search for the "Particles2D_Plus" node, add it to your scene as you would normally.

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