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Godot Game Settings 2.3.1 Tools 3.3 Community

Submitted by user PunchablePlushie; MIT; 2022-08-18

With Godot Game Settings (GGS), you can easily and quickly create and manage game settings for your game.
* Comes with several built-in UI components to speed up menu design.
* Adds a custom editor to the main Godot editor. This editor allows you to easily create and modify your settings at any time.
* GGS comes with several scripts that contain logic for changing common game aspects such as window size and state, audio volume, and controls (keyboard, mouse, and gamepad) so you don't have to worry about coding those yourself.
* You are not limited to those scripts, however. You can add your own custom logic scripts and settings through the editor

Check out the Github page for changelog and docs.

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