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Godot Mod Player 1.4.2 Scripts 3.4 Community

Submitted by user arlez80; MIT; 2022-05-03

This is 100% pure GDScript embeddable Software Mod Player.

1.4.2 updates:
* Fixed note cut parameter bug
* Refactoring source code.
* Some changes mod/xm file reader APIs

1.4.1 updates:
* Fixed doesn't re-note on when sets instrument.
* Fixed some tempo bugs.

1.4.0 updates:
* Implemented using threads.

1.3.2 updates:
* Implemented global volume command.

1.3.1 updates:
* Fixed can't read flexible pattern order table for XM files.
* Fixed mod-sample finetune on minus.
* Fixed misalignment timing and found noises when use 16bit samples
* Fixed behavior when not set instrument ID.

1.3.0 updates:
* Fixed problem play mod files
* Fixed tempo bugs
* Implemented some commands: patttern delay, note delay and pattern loop

1.2.0 updates:
* Implemented xm loader and player.

Supported files:
* xm
* mod

Demo app:

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