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Submitted by user DrMoriarty; MIT; 2021-01-15

Ultimate solution to manage (install/update/uninstall) native modules for iOS and Android.
It automatically process packages dependencies.
It will add gd wrapper for native library into your autoloading list.
it has comfortable package settings editor.

Now 37 native packages available:
- AdColony
- Amplitude
- Applovin
- Applovin-MAX (with adapters)
- Appsflyer
- Facebook
- Firebase (Analytics, Auth, Crashlytics, Database, Performance, Remote Config)
- Flurry
- GameAnalytics
- GooglePlay Billing
- Local/Push Notification
- Multidex
- NativeLib-Export
- Network
- Ogury Choice Manager
- RateMe
- Tapdaq (with adapters)
- Tenjin

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