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Measuring Tape (2D and 3D) 3.3 Tools 3.3 Community

Submitted by user aaronfranke; MIT; 2021-05-21

A tool for measuring things in Godot, using the positions of the measurement node and its parent node.

These measurement types are supported:

* Length
* Area
* Perimeter
* Volume
* Surface area

These unit types are supported:

* Meters
* Millimeters
* Centimeters
* Kilometers
* Hammer units (the Source engine's units).
* Inches
* Feet
* Feet and inches
* Yards
* Miles
* Light seconds
* Light nanoseconds
* Hectares (area)
* Acres (area)
* Liters (volume)
* Gallons (volume)

With 2D, you can set your own scale using pixels per meter, or PPI/DPI. The default is 100 pixels per meter, which correlates with Godot's default gravity setting, but if you are measuring UI elements you may wish to set to your DPI.

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