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gd-YAFSM(Finite State Machine) 0.6.2 Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user imjp94; MIT; 2023-12-23

Designer-friendly Finite State Machine implemented in "Godotic" way

This version is only compatible with Godot 4.x, check out godot3( branch for older version

- Design StateMachine in a flowchart-like editor
- Visualize flow of StateMachine & inspect parameters in realtime
- Visualize game/UI state from flowchart
- Similar workflow as using AnimationTree, and not required to inherit any custom class, just plug and play
- Nested Finite State Machine workflow supported to create complex state machine with ease
- As a Resource, StateMachine can be used repeatedly in different scenarios(StateMachinePlayer) and provide different outcome based on the input.
- Compact data structure for StateMachine resource file

Fixes StateMachineEditor is_instance_valid check on reconnection
Fix StateDirectory.get_current_end() doesn't work as expected
Fix FlowChartGrid draw_multiline_colors error
Fix StateDirectory.get_current_end() and StateMachinePlayer.path_end_dir(
Remove some super._init() for godot 4.1.3

Fix _on_update params error, flowchart grid and popup menus

Port to Godot 4.0

Support sorting transitions.
Fix "entered" signal is not emitted and trigger is flushed when StateMachinePlayer started.

Fix condition label in graph not removed as deleted from inspector.
Fix output flooded with null exception, when stopping scene in remote debug and when switching between local/remote StateMachinePlayer node.

Support remote debug, simply select any StateMachinePlayer node in remote scene tree to view flow of StateMachine in realtime.
Fix StateMachinePlayer's nested triggers are not flushed and some UI bugs.

Fix possible to connect to self when reconnecting, validate StateMachine Resource everytime loaded in editor, and minor improve on UI.

gd-YAFSM now support nested FSM workflow in 0.4.0 & fixed various annoying UI bugs

Check out CHANGELOG( for more details

*Always backup project files before update

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