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Waterways - River Generation 0.2.1 3D Tools 3.2 Community

Submitted by user Arnklit; MIT; 2021-01-27

A tool to generate river meshes with flow and foam maps based on bezier curves. A water and lava shader are included. Objects can also flow along the water.

* New axis constraints for adding and moving river curve points.
* Built in Lava shader.
* Improved inspector that dynamically parses built-in and custom shaders.
* Curve controls for colour and transparency depth.
* Improved refractions with objects in front of water removed.

* Added WaterSystem node to render out global height and flow maps.
* Added a Buoyant node to allow RigidBodies to float on the water.
* Added better options for controlling the flow and foam of rivers.

* Initial Release.

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