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Submitted by user perdugames; MIT; 2017-09-18


GDScript function set generating noise (value noise, perlin noise, opensimplex(2d, 3d and 4d)...).

Example of how to use:

extends Node

var preScript = preload("res://scripts/")
var softnoise

func _ready():
softnoise =
#Passing a seed
softnoise =

softnoise.simple_noise2d(x, y)

softnoise.value_noise2d(x, y)
softnoise.perlin_noise2d(x, y)

softnoise.openSimplex2D(x, y)
softnoise.openSimplex3D(x, y, z)
softnoise.openSimplex4D(x, y, z, w)

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