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Simple Screenshot Script 1.1.1 Scripts 3.0 Community

Submitted by user Maujoe; MIT; 2018-02-09

A simlpe script to make screenshots and save it as png file in a custom directory.

There is a simple test scene "demo.tscn" where you can test the script if you want (Press F11 to make screenshots).
Otherwise you can just download/copy the from the scripts folder into your project folder.

Script Settings:

- Shortcut Action: The name of an action from the Input Map that should trigger the screenshot creation.
- File Prefix: An optional prefix for the filenames, you can leave it empty.
- File Tag: At the moment you can choose between two timestamps that becomes part of the file name. 1. A simple date + time stamp or 2. A unix timestamp.
- Output Path: The directory where you want to save your screenshots.

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