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Godoxel - Image Editor 0.4 Tools 3.3 Community

Submitted by user codot; MIT; 2021-11-05

A Plugin for Godot that allows you to create images in the editor.

* Save/Load Godoxel (.godoxel) (added in v0.4)
* Animation-Panel (added in v0.4)
* Frames with previews (added in v0.4)
* Shortcut-Window with shift (added in v0.4)
* Preview Window (v0.3)
* Undo/Redo with Z/Y (now prints undo/redo message)
* Layers
* Export Frame, Layer or as single image (.png)
* Multiple layers (can be (alpha)-locked/hidden)
* Tools: Pencil, lighten/darken, rectangle/line, fill, ...

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