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Shell Fur 0.3.0 3D Tools 3.5 Community

Submitted by user Arnklit; MIT; 2022-08-08

Adds a fur node to Godot 3.5.

* Fur can be styled with textures and various parameters.
* Works on static and skinned meshes.
* Fur can be styled using blendshapes.
* Fur moves based on gravity and postional and rotational physics around pivot point.
* Built-in LOD system.

Version 0.3.0 Changes

* Addon tested against Godot 3.5
* Various shader fixes related to transparency

Version 0.2.0 Changes

* Improved UI, now dynamically parses shader for better use with custom shader
* GLES2 support
* API option for growth, for effects of the fur growing through animation or script call
* Ability to control fur length, density, thickness and growth offset with a single RGBA mask texture

Version 0.1.1 Changes

* Improved UI
* Two additional fur patterns
* Performance improvements
* Experimental mobile support
* Bug fixes

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