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Simple Wind Shader (Incl. Demo) 1.0.1 Shaders 2.1 Community

Submitted by user Maujoe; MIT; 2017-09-13

A simlpe shader that gives objects like grass or plants a wiggle/wind effect.
Godot version 2.1 (3.0 planned)

Demo Controls:
Mouse + WASD or up/down/left/right key to move the camera. F1 to show/hide the frames/second.

If you don't need the demo install only the shader folder or its content and follow the instructions:

How to use the shader in your project:
1. Copy the shader folder or at least its content somewhere into your project folder (See license details).

2. Then open/select a mesh in godot and give the object a new ShaderMaterial if it haven't one. (Make sure that the mesh origion is on the right position see below: Shader parameters -> Height Offset ).
3. Now go into the material settings and load one of the shaders that you have copied to your project folder.
- "wind_shader.tres" is a version that is written in godots shading language.
-"wind_shader_graph" is a version for the visual shader editor.

4. Now you can add a texture to it and play with the shader parameters to get a nice result.

Shader paramenters
- Speed: The speed of the wind movement.
- Strength: The strength of the wind movement.
- Detail: The detail (number of waves) of the wind movement.
- Direction: The direction of wind movement.
- Height Offset: The height where the wind begins to move. By default 0.0, so everything over the object origin will have wind. (So make sure that you position the object on the right height or adapt it with this setting!)

Issues/feature requests?:


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