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Submitted by user meloonics; MIT; 2020-10-10

A demo for generating the logistic map bifurcation diagram.

It calculates the x[n+1]-value of the initial value 0.5 for a couple of times and approaches the asymptote at a given lambda(growth rate)-value.
Once lambda approaches c. 3.5, you can see that x[n] does not approach a single asymptote, but multiple ones. The graph splits faster and faster, until it rbecomes chaotic
I needed the data from the bifurcation diagram for a project (because damn, it looks cool), this is why i made this tool. you can save the plot-data as json, so that you don't have to calculate thousands of values all over again (which is pretty expensive)

Feel free to play around. Maybe, with some creativitiy, it can help you make something pseudorandom for your game, or maybe you're just a nerd :3

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