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Submitted by user paulhocker; MIT; 2021-09-02

v0.1.28 Release Notes:

- support for 3.3.3
- support for 3.4 beta1 thru beta4

Do you like not needing to remember what version of Godot your project needs?
Do you like not needing to remember what assets you need for your project?
Do like not worrying when you upgrade your project to a new version of Godot?
Do you like using the command line?
Do you like opening your project immediately instead of the needing the project list?
Do you want a better way to share your project with your team?
Do you need to support multiple platforms?
Do you have OCD and must keep your projects neat and tidy?
Do you like having to store ONLY your game code in your git repository?
Do you like Real Vanilla ice cream?

Then this tool is for you.

GSPM is a multi-platform Command Line Tool (CLI) that can be used to help you manage your Godot projects.

Project information is controlled using a plain text file in YAML that defines the blue prints of your project. Here is a sample from my last LudumDare game


It helps solve the problem of wondering what version of Godot you used, and what assets you needed in your projects while at the same time letting developers on different platforms work together.

You can READ THE DOCS here


Note: This tool is NOT something you "install" into your Godot project. Instead, follow the installation instructions in the documentation and the samples in the Getting Started section to help. If you have questions or find any issues, please leave them here


Get started using it in five minutes (assuming you already have Python installed)

> pip install gspm
> gspm new mygame
> cd mygame
> gspm install
> gspm edit

Works with Godot 2.x, 3.x
Works with Windows 10, Linux and MacOS


Python >=3.4

You can view the PyPi page here


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