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Submitted by user Stoeoeoe; MIT; 2017-09-18

Embrace a more data-driven workflow! Simply create a class which extends "data_item.gd" and create as many instances as you wish. Access the data with a powerful and simple to use API.

* Create data classes with the click of a button
* Use gdscript to add properties and logic to your data classes, all instances will be Nodes
* Supports binary and json serialization
* Make use of the built-in export property hints
* Add instance-specific custom properties
* Access data with a simple API using the "data" singleton
* ALPHA: Use the notification/observer system to react to changes in data items
* ALPHA: Encrypt your data files

Important: Do not forget to add a singleton called "data" which references the following file: "your_project/addons/godot_data_editor/data.gd"

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