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UI Design Tool 0.3.0 2D Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user imjp94; MIT; 2023-05-01

Intuitive UI design workflow in Godot.

Import/manage font source files and styling UI directly in the editor viewport.

This version is only compatible with Godot 4.x, check out godot3(https://github.com/imjp94/UIDesignTool/tree/godot3) branch for older version

Port to Godot 4.0

Exlcude unwanted files from export & Fix null exception when set font to RichTextLabel

Minor bugfix, handle null exception when selected non-Control node, exclude unwanted files from asset library

UIDesignTool now support batch edit with toolbar & Vertical alignment.
Other than that, this release mainly focus on improving v0.1.0, in terms of UI, efficiency & bugfixing.

For more details, check out (https://github.com/imjp94/UIDesignTool/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md)

Note: Users updating from v0.1.* to v0.2.* might needs to specify font resource directory again, due to a bug which has been tackled in v0.2.0

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